Redlands do Brasil Eireli has over 30 years of experience and technology in the transferring, handling, and measuring of liquids and gases. Redlands' equipment is found in industries such as petroleum, petrochemicals, chemicals, food products, in fact, in any market segment where the handling of liquids and gases is critical.

We have seven basic product lines: loading arms, swivel joints, floating suctions, access gangways, flowmeters, grounding monitors and specialized couplings. Through our technical assistance department, we offer preventive and corrective maintenance services. Our technicians are factory trained to solve and prevent maintenance problems in general, minimizing downtime that can be extremely costly. Using our equipment and services, you will not only have reduced costs associated with product losses and greater speed in loading or unloading processes, but also make your liquid or gas transfer operations safer, cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

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Redlands do Brasil Eireli
Rua Anhanguera, 897 - Jd. Piratininga - Osasco - SP - Cep: 06230-110 - Brazil
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